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Camping, Tubing, & Fun in the Juniata River Valley!
Camping, Tubing, & Fun in the Juniata River Valley!
Water Fun on the Juniata River!
Water Fun on the Juniata River!
buttonwood campground logo Water Fun on the Juniata River!

Water Fun on the Juniata River!

There's no denying that the crown jewel of the Juniata River Valley is the Juniata River! There's so much to do in, on, and around the river that no matter what you would like to experience on your vacation, you are bound to find an activity for you. Let's briefly cover just a few of the adventures available to you on the river when you are at Buttonwood Campground. 

Tubin’ Fun Under the Sun

There's nothing more relaxing than floating down the river... the tubing rentals are an awesome activity that allows your family to wade into the waters and let the current carry you to relaxation and reconnection. Enjoy every ripple and wave along the scenic shoreline, and work on your tan while you're at it. All you need is yourself and your swimsuit... Buttonwood has the rest to make your tubing adventure happen!

Fishing in Tranquility

Fishing is one of the most relaxing, mind-clearing outdoor activities. And as fishing opportunities go, the Junita River is as immaculate as you can get. Smallmouth bass are a hot commodity in the waterways, but there's also a variety of muskellunge, walleye, catfish, various species of sunfish and carp as well. 

You have choices when it comes to places to fish along the river. If you prefer slower and deeper water flow, you’re going to want to find a nice spot somewhere along the upper part of the river, above Lewistown. The lower you go past Lewistown, the water levels drop and speed up, but there are more opportunities in the gauntlet of bridge pilings, grass beds, deep pools, and ledges, leaving plenty of places to toss a line and get results.

Sometimes just being able to leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to sit on the banks of a peaceful river and reel in the catch of the day is exactly what the doctor ordered. And the Juniata River affords the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Kayaking the Juniata

Kayaking on the Juniata River offers calm waters for all visitors to enjoy, from beginners right on up to the most advanced paddlers. The winding creeks that flow off and into the Juniata are an invitation to explore the area from the surface of the water, and above and below Buttonwood Campground there's plenty of river waiting to be paddling.


There are so many ways to enjoy the Juniata River in all her glory. Between the peace of tossing a line in the river or the joy of laughter amongst the ripples, the Juniata River is the ideal amenity to complement your vacation at Buttonwood Campground. We can help you plan out your river fun during your camping stay with us so you and the family can take advantage of all the fun and memory-making the river has to offer!