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Camping, Canoeing, & Kayaking in the Juniata River Valley!
Camping, Canoeing, & Kayaking in the Juniata River Valley!
Maps & Rules
Maps & Rules
buttonwood campground logo Maps & Rules

Maps & Rules

To ensure the best possible camping experience for friends and family, our campground map and our rules are easily available here on our website and at our office. Please review them both carefully prior to your stay with us! If you have any questions or special requests, contact our office at 717-436-8334 and we'll be happy to assist you!


Canoe guy comic style CHECK IN/CHECK OUT TIMES FOR GUESTS: Check-in time is 2:00 PM for all campsites and 3:00 PM for cabins and rentals. Check-out time for all campsites and cabins is 1:00 PM. There is a $5.00 per hour early check-in or late check-out fee (based upon availability). All guests must register at the office. As a registered guest (and everyone in your party) of Buttonwood Campground, you acknowledge the acceptance of these Rules & Policies.

Canoe guy comic style VISITORS OF GUESTS: Visitors must register at the office upon arrival. Unregistered visitors and guests are not allowed to enter the premises when the office is closed. A daily visitor’s fee of $5.00 per person will be charged. Overnight guests will be charged at $10.00 per night. Ages 17 and under are free. As a registered visitor of Buttonwood Campground, you acknowledge the acceptance of these Rules & Policies.

Canoe guy comic style PLEASE NOTE: Any Buttonwood Campground guest or visitor found not obeying these Rules & Policies, causing dissension, or displaying any action or conduct that we deem unsuitable will be asked to leave without warning and without a refund of any and all payments

Canoe guy comic style QUIET TIME: Quiet time is between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM. During these hours, all children must be on campsite and in the company of their parents, guardians, or another responsible adult. After 11:00 PM all public areas of the campground are closed and cars may only be used to enter or leave the campground. Be considerate– all noise must be confined to your campsite. Excessive noise is not allowed at any time, and interfering with anyone else’s use or enjoyment of the campground, day or night, is contrary to campground regulations. If there is a disturbance after office hours, please call the after-hours number: (717) 320-3933.

Canoe guy comic style SPEED LIMIT: 7½ MPH. Please drive slowly and carefully for the safety of our children.

Canoe guy comic style PETS: Pets must be on a leash suitable to control the animal. The pet owner is responsible for cleanup and pet behavior. Pets should not be left unattended. Pet owners are required to have a current vaccination certificate(s) and license(s) available upon request.

Canoe guy comic style CAMPFIRES: Campfires are permitted in the fire rings only. Please do not move fire rings.

Canoe guy comic style ALCOHOL: Alcohol is permitted under the following conditions without exception: (a) Must be of legal drinking age, (b) must remain in your own campsite/camper, (c) no open display of same, (d) excessive drinking, rowdiness, loudness, vulgarity or creating a disturbance will result in eviction from campground without refund.

Canoe guy comic style SAFETY: Playground equipment, campground facilities, the Juniata River, etc. are for you to enjoy at your own risk.

Canoe guy comic style FIREWORKS/FIREARMS: Not permitted in the campground (including sparklers).

Canoe guy comic style CHILDREN: Children under the age of 18 must stay with a registered adult camper. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Small children must be supervised by an adult. Children 12 years and under must have a parent with them in the restrooms, swimming pool, and game room. Playgrounds close at DUSK.

Canoe guy comic style BICYCLES: Bicycle-riding after dusk is prohibited. Any child 12 or under must wear a helmet. At dusk, all bikes are to be placed safely at your site.

Canoe guy comic style GOLF CARTS: Only ELECTRIC golf carts are permitted. All golf carts must be insured. A copy of insurance must be provided to office upon registering and purchasing the mandatory $35 annual Golf Cart Permit. You must be a licensed driver to operate a golf cart. All golf cart owners/operators must abide by the Golf Cart Rules & Policies available at the office and provided when submitting insurance certificates.
Every electric motor driven device/vehicle that seats more than one person must follow all golf cart rules and policies including permit fee. All other electric motor driven mobility devices should be used with caution and respect for other guests. All gas powered 4 wheelers, scooters, etc. are not allowed to be operated on the premises. Please ask the office if you have any questions prior to your arrival.

Canoe guy comic style PRIVACY: Please be aware that by entering Buttonwood Campground property, you consent to your voice, name, and/or likeness being used, without compensation, in photos, films, and tapes for exploitation in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, for eternity, and you release Buttonwood Campground, its successors, assigns, and licensees from any liability whatsoever of any nature. Do not enter Buttonwood Campground property if you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing.

Canoe guy comic style CAMPSITES: Campsites must be kept clean and free of clutter. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. A cleanup fee may be charged if your campsite is left in an unsatisfactory condition.

Canoe guy comic style TRASH: We are more than happy to assist you with household trash pick-up. Please place household trash in front of your site NO LATER than 11:00 AM. After this time, please place all trash in the dumpster located behind the barn, near the woodshed. Please do not leave trash in front of your site after 11:00 AM.

Canoe guy comic style POOL: Swimming pool hours and rules are posted at the pool. Swimming pool is for you to enjoy at your own risk.

Canoe guy comic style UNLICENSED MOTOR VEHICLES: Unlicensed motorized vehicles are not permitted on any roadway within the park with the exception of medically necessary mobility aides.

Canoe guy comic style RULES AND POLICIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Buttonwood Campground reserves the right to add to or alter these Rules & Policies at any time due to any unforeseen occurrences in the future.

Canoe guy comic style NOTE: Buttonwood Campground is not liable for any injuries that may occur on campground property. Buttonwood Campground is not liable for any acts of theft or vandalism, or for any damage caused by natural elements. You are responsible for carrying insurance coverage for your RV, vehicles, and their contents.


Off-Peak camping season is Opening Weekend to Memorial Day Weekend. Peak Season is Memorial Day Weekend through End of Season.

Campsite & Cabin Reservations:

One-night deposits must be received no later than days after booking your reservation. Holiday reservations MUST be paid in full.

Campsite & Cabin Minimum Stays & Reservations:

Minimum stays of 3 nights are required on all sites during holiday weekends and Premium Sites during Memorial Day—Labor Day. Two-night stays are required on all other sites for all other weekends. Saturday arrivals or departures are not permitted.

Cancellation Policy for Campsites & Cabins:

• Cancellations made 48 hours prior to 1:00 PM on your arrival date are eligible for a full refund (minus a $10.00 processing fee) or a rain check.

• Cancellations made within 48 hours of 1:00 PM on your scheduled arrival date will not receive refunds or rain checks. There are no refunds for no-shows.
• Rain Checks given Labor Day weekend or before must be used by the end of the season.
• Rain checks given after Labor Day may be used in the next season.

• Campsite check-in time: 2:00PM / Check-out time: 1:00PM.
• $5.00 per hour Early Check-In / Late Check-Out Fee
 (based upon availability.)
• Cabin check-in time: 3:00PM / Check-out time: 1:00PM.
• $5.00 / hour Early Check-In / Late Check-Out Fee
 (based upon availability.)

Pets are permitted in all rental units.

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